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English Courses

What do secondary students, university and migration applicants, fresh graduates, and professionals have in common? They study English to achieve their life goals.

The formal study of English was originally intended for people to become ‘civilised’ and gain Western values. However, with English being the world’s leading language, our proficiency in it enables us to appreciate diversity in ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Using English, we can study various subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, and Computing. It is the language of instruction for universities in Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and Australia.

Well written cover letters, résumés, and personal statements are required for university courses, migration, and job applications. Soft skills, such as communication and leadership skills, and good character are important for personal growth and career advancement.

We use United Kingdom-based teaching materials from Oxford and Cambridge publishers, and professional-grade reference materials from national publications to cater to demand for high-quality international English education.

Our intermediate-level English courses cover comprehension, interpretation, literary, error correction, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and speech craft.

Our upper-intermediate level English courses, which also serves as a preparatory course for the International English Language Test System (IELTS), covers examination techniques, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Supplementary training in writing cover letters, résumés, and personal statements is also provided.

Our expert level English courses are designed to enable people to communicate effectively and efficiently in academic and professional situations. Our writing courses are designed for academic, business, corporate communications, general knowledge, and journalism purposes. Our communication courses are designed for public speaking, impromptu speaking and competitions.

Please send a private message at this address for more information on our intake schedule and registration.

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