The need to define

This award-winning business feature is about the definition of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the support and attention that they need, and the conditions for them to grow and succeed.

When I wrote this article, which was my first article on business and SMEs, I didn’t merely do a story on the definition on SMEs, but also tried to identify the challenges that they faced and the resources that they can gain to grow. With the noble intention of helping SMEs and entrepreneurs, it was to my surprise that this story was selected as the shortlisted finalist feature for the Malaysian Press Institute’s National Business Journalism Competition 2014 and became required reading for understanding SMEs.

SMEs are meaningful to us because we are likely to have loved ones who are entrepreneurs themselves. Even when they are sole proprietors or have a small number of employees, they are still entrepreneurs who run SMEs. Therefore, education is very important for both employers and employees, so that they can upgrade themselves and achieve better quality of life for their employees and themselves.

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