Home design characteristics of your dream home

Home design is deeply personal and intimate. Much thought should be given to it.

When we look at home design, we look for characteristics that are appealing to us. Home design is personal and intimate. It has several characteristics that are worth noting.

Floor plans and Physical Layout

When I look at home designs, I look at the floor plan and the physical layout. A home has different areas: the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, utility room, and laundry room. The connectivity of living areas determines spaciousness. The availability of doors, walls, or partitions may separate these living areas. The width and height of the living space also contributes to certain perceptions. Tall ceilings lend a sense of vastness, while wide walls lend a grounded sense.

Design Styles

Homes have a wide range of design styles, such as Contemporary, Modern, and Minimalist. These styles have various characteristics, such as lighting, colour, texture, and forms. Architects and interior designers consider these characteristics to fulfil their clients’ design expectations. If you would like to build your dream home, consider learning about home design and incorporating elements that you like to your home. You can study examples of best practices of various interior designers through magazines such as ACG Media’s Designer Concept and Metropolitan Home.

Geomancy / Feng Shui

Feng Shui Fundamentals by Prof. Joe Choo
The practice of feng shui and bazi is based on data, research, and empirical studies

When I study home layouts, I also consider the characteristics of geomancy, which is better known as Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra among others. Having studied different architectural systems, I prefer the Eight Mansions system, because it focuses on the study of landforms, the unique Chi pattern of the home, and the understanding of individuals. Feng Shui is useful in a modern context because it takes into account effective air circulation within a home. This contributes to a positive rejuvenating living environment. If you are interested to know more about Feng Shui, consider reading “Feng Shui Fundamentals“, which is published by Kanyin Publications and written by Professor Joe Choo, a distinguished Feng Shui consultant who presents Feng Shui from a logical rational scientific perspective that is easily understood.

For the past 11 years, I have written much in property journalism, of which home design plays a part. By learning about the characteristics and best practices in home design, the knowledge that I have gained has helped me, not just to share with people how they can build their dream home, but also for me to develop my dream home, together with my wife. Therefore, I urge you to give much thought about your home design, because it is the space that is personally yours to enjoy.

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Mak Kum Shi, a marketing communications specialist, is a trainer in English, Communications, and Real Estate. As an internationally renowned writer, he has an extensive cover story portfolio on property, entrepreneurship, information communications technology, lifestyle, architecture, and interior design.