Business English Intermediate Course

About this Course

Universities are striving for greater internationalisation in teaching and research, requiring greater use of English by non-native speakers. Multinational corporations and small traders need to use English, the language of business, to succeed in business.

Our Business English Course, delivered through Cambridge LMS and remote online learning methods, is intended to help our students build strong foundations in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It also enables them to be effective in the corporate world.

The use of Business English as a multilingual and flexible medium of communication will allow flexibility and equality in dealing with the diversity of skills and access to resources for organisations and employees. This programme is suitable for university students and working adults with a decent foundation in English.


48 hours / 2 semesters / level. 1 semester = 8 2-hour lessons. 2 lessons/week

Course Modules

Day 1 - 16

Business Topics

  • Social networks
  • The media
  • Stories
  • Working lives
  • Challenges
  • Into the future
  • Getting along
  • Food science
  • Success and happiness
  • Going places
  • Culture
  • Ability

Day 17 - 18

Public Speaking

  • Introduction to public speaking
  • Introduction to impromptu speaking
  • Fundamentals of public speaking
  • Writing descriptive essays
  • Writing speeches
  • Ice Breakers
  • Convocation Speeches
  • Lyrical Speeches
  • Eulogies

Day 19 - 20

Intermediate Reading

  • The Entrepreneur
  • Managing theEmployees
  • Strategy for Company Talents
  • The Art of Formulating Strategy
  • Competitive Strategy for Company
  • Competitive Strategy in Business
  • Market and Information Analysis
  • Business Competition
  • Art of Establishing Business Relationship and Negotiation
  • Building a Corporate Culture

Day 21 - 24

Intermediate Writing

  • Communications Overview
  • Business Writing Basics
  • Basic Writing
  • Electronic Communication
  • Routine Business Transactions
  • General Business Correspondence
  • Creative and Persuasive Documents