Educational Philosophy


The Way We Work

The way we work, the skills we need to thrive in our jobs, and the trajectories of our careers are rapidly evolving. These changes, driven by technological innovation, demographics, shifting business models, and nature of work, are significantly altering the skills demanded by the labour market.

The Delivery of Knowledge

Education is about the delivery of knowledge and personality development. According to Confucius, Father of Chinese Education, education is the meaning and value of humanity, as well as relationships with the universe and among humans. 

Direction of Education

Education, covering infinite lifetimes, is about the wisdom and understanding of life and the universe. By resolving delusion and eliminating suffering, we can attain happiness, enlightenment, serenity, and purity of mind. 

What is Education?

Education is about independent thinking, observation, study, and proper behaviour. It should also be non-discriminatory and guaranteed for everyone, while teaching methods and educational content should adapt to differing students and diverse personalities.

Benefits of Education

This can lead to the creation of fulfilling lives, happy families, harmonious societies, prosperous nations, and a peaceful world. Education can enable us to attain truth, virtue, beauty, wisdom, and genuine eternal happiness.

Education Key Philosophy

In line with our education philosophy, we seek to remain relevant to changing times, and to cultivate values of filial piety, wisdom, and compassion for the personal development of society.

Our Logo

The Mak Academy logo represents our brand and our promise to our stakeholders. It reflects our identity and aspirations.

Our history, work, and our educational philosophy shape our identity. Firstly, reflecting our family history, Mak (麥) means wheat, nourishing us and helps us grow strong and healthy. Secondly, books, essential in education, enable us to cultivate, generate, and enjoy merit. Thirdly, our educational philosophy is to remain relevant to changing times, and to cultivate values of filial piety, wisdom, and compassion for the personal development of society. Our belief for growth through wholesome and relevant education with good values for society shapes our identity.

Our colour themes and shield reflect our aspirations. Like spring growth, nature’s cool colours make us feel renewed, soothed, and calm. These hues provide a sense of depth as well as comfort. Green symbolise nature, growth, and sustainability, reflecting our belief in sustainable growth for society, economy, and environment through education. A protective shield reflects our belief in providing a conducive environment for people to grow through education. We aspire to contribute towards sustainable growth for society, economy, and environment through education with youthful determination. These values are reflected in our tagline “Let’s grow together”.


1st Generation

21 April 1931

Ventured into real estate development and hardware distribution.


1 January 1932

Completion of development of ancestral home and business centre at the heart of Malacca City. Hardware distribution business was named “Chop Kwong Leong Hoe”, led by Mak Koon Yong, member of second generation of Mak family.


1 January 2008

Ancestral home and business centre became a heritage building within Melaka, a historic city of the Straits of Malacca and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


1 January 2009

Ancestral home and business centre was acquired by Mak Hing Kwai, fourth son of Mak Koon Yong.

16th July 2019

7 April 2020

Mak Academy was officially established as a business training and consultancy institution by Mak Kum Shi, son of Mak Hing Kwai.