English Communication Course

About this Course

Are you having difficulties expressing yourself to persons in English? Are you having poor pronunciation and public speaking skills? This English Communication Course will help you solve these challenges!

Our English Communication Course is intended to help our students to build strong foundations in speaking, pronunciation, and public speaking skills. Cover letter and résumé writing topics are added to enhance career development. Students should be proficient in spoken communication with other people at the end of the course.

This English Communication Course will help you in your communication soft skills, personal development, career development, and self-confidence.


8 hours / 2 days

Course Modules

Day 1

Speaking Skills

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Routines and free time
  • Past events
  • Interests and lifestyle
  • Future plans
  • Life experiences
  • Hopes and wishes
  • The news

  • Your life
  • Society
  • Education, the future, and careers
  • Methods of communication
  • Childhood
  • Problems and solutions
  • Yourself
  • History


  • Components of Pronunciation
  • Accents of English worldwide
  • Airstreams and vocal cords
  • Exercises – Dialogue
  • Exercises – Reading playscripts

Day 2

Public Speaking

  • Introduction to public speaking
  • Introduction to impromptu speaking
  • Fundamentals of public speaking
  • Writing descriptive essays
  • Writing speeches
  • Cover letter writing
  • Résumé writing