Founder's Message

Homes and education are necessary for us to feel safe and secure, and they represent the foundation of better lives. However, with the world evolving rapidly due to environmental, economic, and technological developments, how can education help us and our loved ones have better lives? In my opinion, if education is to be effective for future generations, it must be relevant and should instil good values and wisdom to society.

Education must consider the way we work, the skills we need to thrive in our jobs, and the evolution of our career paths. These changes are driven, not just by technological innovation, but also demographics, shifting business models, and the nature of work, all of which are significantly altering the skills demanded by the labour market.

Confucius, Father of Chinese Education, who taught that education is the meaning and value of humanity, as well as relationships with the universe and among humans. At the same time, education, covering infinite lifetimes, is about the wisdom and understanding of life and the universe. By resolving delusion and eliminating suffering, we can attain happiness, enlightenment, serenity, and purity of mind.

Therefore, as we pursue our purpose of providing education that contributes to people’s growth, we seek to ensure that the delivery of education is relevant and should instil good values and wisdom in society. Education is about the cultivation of happiness and we hope to embark on this journey with you!

Mak Kum ShiFounding Principal Mak Academy