Executive Summary

Building Strong English Foundation

Are you finding it difficult to communicate in English fluently? Are you planning to migrate or pursue tertiary education in an English-speaking country?

Universities are striving for greater internationalisation in teaching and research, requiring greater use of English by non-native speakers. Multinational corporations and small traders need to use English to succeed in business.

By building strong foundations in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, you can communicate with people, be effective in the corporate world, pursue your tertiary education, and be in-demand in other countries.

What Benefits Do We Offer

Our English courses are unique in their development approaches, their delivery by professional trainers, and the use of educational books from internationally-renowned publishers.

At Mak Academy, we can help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations through our courses. 

Our century-long heritage, educational philosophy of relevance, filial piety, wisdom, and compassion, and partnerships with Asiapac Books and IDP: IELTS are testimonies of our service in raising the lives of several people through education. Studying with Mak Academy has provided a fulfilling all-rounded life experience that has served our students well for their future. Therefore, we hope to be your educational partner that contributes towards your personal growth. Let’s grow together!