Mr Mak, we are truly blessed to have you. Your passion & dedication have literally inspired us to strive harder to achieve our goals. You’re always willing to spend extra time and do jobs to help us in improving our English language, and we, our class 6C Zhong, are truly thankful for that. “I’ll try everything… I’ll try even though I may fail” – the famous quote in the movie Zootopia… Yes, I can still remember clearly that you sing this to us in one of our lessons. You have really inspired & amazed us. May the year of 2018 bloom a garden of flowers to you & your loved ones. All the best in the future & God bless.

Pei Yin6C Zhong 2017, Chong Hwa Independent High School

One other person I’d like to thank is my Conversation English teacher Mr. Mak. Never did I thought I’d ever have the privilege of meeting someone as amazing as Mr. Mak. He’s the first teacher in my life that I can just talk really anything with, from romance to struggles in life, etc. It was also the first time I ever had a 3-hour-long phone call with someone at midnight haha. I think being able to meet a teacher that can treat you as a friend is really something that I’m incredibly grateful for. It was also because of him that I was able to pass my interview and successfully get the scholarship, otherwise I’d have to give up on my lifelong dream. Thank you Mr. Mak for all you’ve done to me. I’ll make sure to invite you out to dinner whenever I’m back home for a short while!

Daniel Soo6P Zhong 2017, Chong Hwa Independent High School

Mak is an excellent writer and journalist that communicates well with people from all segments of society. I have known Mak for a few years since he was a journalist with Star Property. He has done numerous interviews and writeups with key industry leaders. I believe based on his personality and experiences in teaching and writing that he will be a key asset to anyone or any company on training, PR, communication-related matters.

David Shieh ChongGeneral Manager, REHDA Institute

Teacher Mak, you have been a great inspiration to our class because you’re a successful person overall and you teach us everything we need to know about English. You are a great teacher, a better speaker, and a very good person. You helped our class get better grades in English and helped the students to understand English better. You also taught Kavinesh how to give a better speech, let him represent the class for the English speech competition and get the second runner-up position. In conclusion, thank you Teacher Mak.

AnonymousClass 2 Ren 2018, Chong Hwa Independent High School

Mak is a remarkable writer who tells a creative and insightful story through his words. He is highly enterprising, and often seeks to tell his stories in the most creative way possible, be it for a business- or leisure-focused article. Mak is knowledgeable in his areas of specialties, and is an absolute delight to work with!

Kiersten ChaikExecutive Vice President, Managing Director, Burson Cohn & Wolfe